Marquage tuyau fonte NATURAL Saint-Gobain PAM


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For drinking water mains
The ductile iron pipe for large water main
For drinking water mains


The pipeline system specially designed for gravity flow and rising main sewerage systems

Special applications

A new external coating to protect ductile iron pipes laid in highly corrosive soils
Anchor gasket is fitted with inserts inside the elastomer. They hook onto the spigot when the pipeline is pressurized, and anchor the joint.
The UNIVERSAL Ve joint is a push-in anchored joint for laying anchoring pipes.Range DN 300 to 1200 (pipes).
The ideal range for trenchless pipelaying techniques
The ZINALIUM coating is made up of two layers: a layer of ZnAl two-phase 85-15 alloy deposited by metallization with a minimum quantity of 400 g/m2 and a varnishing layer.