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External coatings

The purpose of an external coating is to provide a durable protection against corrosive soils. PAM offers a complete range of external coatings to meet all cases of corrosive soils and respecting GB/T 13295 Standard.

The external coatings of PAM pipes and fittings, according to the GB/T 13295 specifications, can be divided into three categories according to the kind of corrosive soil:

  • standard coatings suitable for the vast majority of soils,
  • supplementary protections, for highly corrosive soils,
  • special coatings, for extremely corrosive environments.


The standard PAM pipe coating consists of a layer of sprayed metallic zinc covered with bituminous paint.
The coating of Zinalium consists of 400g/m2 zinc-aluminum alloy and 70um bitumen. This active coating is suitable for all types of land except in case of stray currents and some acid or polluted soils and marine sludges.
ZMU coating is often used for pipes in HDD project.It’s a patented product of PAM.
A new external coating to protect ductile iron pipes laid in highly corrosive soils