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Pamboo C class



Pipes DN 100 to 1000 / C CLASS Pipe with TYTON joint

Field of use:

For drinking water mains

Main characteristics:

  • External coating: metallic zinc (200g/m2)+ new-type green environmental coating
  • Internal lining :Centrifuged cement mortar lining
  • EN 545, ISO 2531, GB/T 13295

Note: B ensures a smooth transition between C40 and C30 and C25, slightly larger than the
calculated value.

Product advantages:

  • More than 160 years of extensive experience in the manufacture and use of ductile iron pipes, and a set of strict quality management system of Saint-Gobain;
  • Raw materials from The Brazil vale iron ore and domestic high quality iron ore to guarantee the purity of molten iron;
  • The on-line ultrasonic monitoring system to ensure that the pipe thickness of each pipe meets national standards;
  • The 200g/m2 zinc spraying corrosion protection increases adaptability in different soils and prolongs service life of ductile iron pipes ;
  • Use blast furnace cement mortar lining (BFSC) which is better than ordinary Portland cement. It can guarantee the quality and sanitation of pipes for potable water.

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